Thursday, September 11, 2008

Behind "My World"

I have been hearing the word BLOG for a long time.Also i owns one. Named "Stare".It is an Exhibition of ma Creativity(others says like that not me).I just post My new works and thats it!.I never bothered to know more about what a Blog Really Means. Somebody told me that its some sort of an online diary. As writing is not my cup of tea I never bothered to work more on it.Also i was busy that time. Its only recently that I started visiting some of my friends blogs, and this is what motivated in bringing out 'My World' to the big world of internet.And sure,now i have enough time,Bcoz i am working now - and there are free time for me.i will try to update - may God help - and the main thing is the inspiration from the readers.


Sekhar said...

Welcome to the world of 'Blogs' :)

Barbara Martin said...

Blogging gives one an insight into areas difficult to reach by regular modes of transportation. You and I are at opposite ends of the planet, and yet, here I am.

Write about your hobbies, your aspirations or travels. Every country has something new and wonderful to offer others, even history.

Welcome to blogs.

Max Attivo said...

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Anonymous said... blog.....hahaha

Kasim sAk | കാസിം സാക് said...